People Build Brands

With technology, there are more ways to begin conversations with your customers than ever before – however, nothing can replace the relationship-building that comes from face-to-face interaction. When selling a product, our first instinct is to talk about the product, but you are the face of the company you represent, and it’s important to take […]

Entry and Exit Strategies

There are as many ways to exit the distilled spirits industry as there are to enter it. Moreover, the best time to plan an exit strategy is when building a business plan. The next best time is today. This course outlines various options for exit strategies and shares guidance around developing such strategies.

Competitive Pricing Strategies

The focus of this course is to provide advanced insight into how a brand should think through pricing at a highly competitive level. The course will walk through how a brand should consider pricing in a saturated market, volume discounts in a way that is compelling to the retail trade, and competitive pricing analysis against products […]

DISCUS Annual Conference

Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA

The DISCUS Annual conference is the premier industry event for America’s spirits industry leaders, decision makers and supply chain partners. Spirits executives and industry stakeholders will share their ideas to drive innovation and decide the future of our sector. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear the latest on mission-critical policies, connect with spirits business […]

DISCUS Academy: Managing Ancillary Operation Risk

Providing overnight accommodations, hosting special events, and offering venue rental services create additional sources of revenue and brand awareness for organizations, but those choices come additional sources of risk. This course will examine some of the unique operations and expanded services offered by DSPs. Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify sources of risk from ancillary operations 2. […]

DISCUS Academy: Distilled Spirits Distribution 101 & Contract Negotiations

Due to “tied house” laws across the United States, there is no relationship and no commercial agreement more important than your contract with your distributor as they are the face of your brands at retail. This course outlines key aspects of any good distribution agreement, highlights pitfalls to avoid, and lays the foundation for an […]

2022 Virtual Public Policy Conference

Join ACSA and DISCUS as we meet virtually with lawmakers and hear from industry experts on issues critical to the spirits industry. The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) and Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) 2022 Public Policy Conference will take place virtually on September 21, 2022. We're hosting on September 20th a […]

DISCUS Academy – Advanced Sales Analytics

Following up on the Introduction to Sales Analytics course, this course will help sales leaders integrate data for more effective decision-making on sales strategy. Participants will also learn what to look for when selecting a sales analytics software and how that software can provide the tools to run an analytics driven  sales team. Learning Objectives […]

DISCUS Academy – Alternate Routes to Market

Prior to the outbreak of the global pandemic customers were already pushing for the “Amazonation” of alcohol. With the advance of COVID-19 the trend toward receiving alcohol at your doorstep has been accelerated. Through this course we will walk through the various options for appeasing these consumers’ needs under the current laws and regulations, and […]