DISCUS Brand Data Program

Brand Data is a data sharing program sponsored by DISCUS.  As a membership benefit, DISCUS member companies may participate on a voluntary basis at no additional cost.  For a fee, non-DISCUS members may also participate.

As the name implies, Brand Data contains information on all of the approximately 2,000 distilled spirits brands marketed by participating companies in the U.S. Each month participating members send to DISCUS information on brand level case shipments into each state.  This information is processed and combined into a single database and delivered to participants each month.

Brand Data is unique in that it gives users a complete view of the U.S. marketplace.

Brand Data provides unparalleled detail about each brand.  Brand Data treats “what’s in the bottle” as a unique product.  Thus, all brand line extensions can be viewed separately.

Brand Data includes brand attributes for each product. Users can select from eight different product categorization fields as well as product attributes such as age, flavor or proof.   Price category information will be added by the end of 2020.  Want to analyze tangerine flavored, imported vodkas shipped into Texas in 750Ml bottles? What about single barreled Bourbons aged at least 10 years? Brand Data gives users the details needed to gain such insights.

Member companies report using Brand Data for a variety important analytical purposes including:

  • Sales analysis
  • Market research
  • Strategic planning
  • Brand development
  • Forecasting

Participating companies include: Agave Loco, Bacardi, Beam-Suntory, Brown-Forman, Constellation, Diageo, Edrington, Mast-Jägermeister, Moet Hennessey, Pernod-Ricard, and Remy Cointreau.

The DISCUS Brand Data program provides users access to data on both large iconic brands and smaller craft brands.

If you are interested in joining Brand Data as either a DISCUS member or non-member, please contact Hasan Bakir at [email protected].