Insights and Podcasts

Spirited Advocate Podcast) Episode 19: Election Special

With more than 30 years of high-level government experience and nearly two decades of work with the Distilled Spirits Council, the Alpine Group's Rhod Shaw dives into the election outcomes and what that means for the spirits industry moving forward. He covers why this election was unlike any others, and what's next for the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, tariffs and cannabis legalization.

Spirited Advocate Podcast) Episode 18: Twin Liquors

David Jabour, co-owner of Twin Liquors stores in Texas with his sister Margaret Jabour, talks about transforming a single, 700 square foot store into a retail empire he now operates with nearly 100 stores across the lone star state. He offers fresh perspective on brand building with a community focus coupled with expansion into the e-commerce space. From giving back to the community to upholding high standards of responsibility, Jabour covers all aspects of running a successful retail operation in the distilled spirits industry.

Spirited Advocate Podcast) Episode 17: Southern Glazer’s Proof Platform

Southern Glazer's John Wittig joins the Spirited Advocate Podcast to talk about their e-commerce platform, Proof. From ensuring retailers can quickly navigate the site and order customers exactly what they want to working to close the distribution gap, Wittig covers everything about operating in the digital marketplace. While the platform was put in place before the onset of COVID, Proof has grown drastically since the pandemic and helped the spirits industry thrive in the 21st century.

Spirited Advocate Podcast) Episode 16: Veteran Owned American Revolution

Founder and CEO of American Revolution Vodka, Walter Kerpa, joins the Spirited Advocate Podcast to talk about what it means to be a veteran re-entering society and how important business opportunities, like those offered at Revolution Vodka, are to that effort. Kerpa also covers the serious issues plaguing the veteran community while delving into his family history and new plans for the future.

Spirited Advocate Podcast: Episode 15) A Fiddle Player and an Orphan: The story of Uncle Nearest and Jack Daniel

You've heard of Jack Daniel, but have you heard of Nearest Green - the man born into slavery who not only taught Jack how to make whiskey and all about the Lincoln County Process, but who is now known to be the first African-American master distiller ever recorded in the U.S.? This week's guest - Fawn Weaver (now CEO of Uncle Nearest Distillery) talks all about uncovering Nearest's story and how what she found was really a story of love filled with mutual respect and admiration between Jack and Nearest.

Spirited Advocate Podcast) Episode 14: How LibDib is Revolutionizing the Spirits Marketplace

Ever heard of product distribution without trucks, warehouses or salespeople? That's exactly what LibDib Founder and CEO Cheryl Murphy Durzy has created by using innovation (and the internet) to connect suppliers with retailers and get more brands in front of more consumers. She joins the Spirited Advocate Podcast along with Republic National Distributing Company's CEO Tom Cole to talk about their partnership and how it is revolutionizing the spirits marketplace all within the three-tier system.