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Spirited Advocate) 45. Kat Hantas and Sarika Singh of 21Seeds Tequila

Spirited Advocate Podcast) 44. Jeff Weiss of StepToe

On this week's episode of the Spirited Advocate podcast, DISCUS Chief of Public Policy Christine LoCascio takes the reins as host for an important episode on supply chain challenges with Jeff Weis, Partner and Supply Chain Team leader at StepToe. How will these challenges impact consumers this holiday season? Listen now to find out!

Spirited Advocate Podcast) 43. Travis Barnes and Nick Ladig of Hotel Tango

From a school bus in Indiana to the front lines to a distillery named Hotel Tango, our guests this week took an exciting path to get where they are today. Travis Barnes, Marine Veteran and Founder of Hotel Tango, joins the podcast alongside his childhood friend, Nick Ladig, President of Hotel Tango, as we commemorate Veteran's Day this month. Listen now!

Spirited Advocate Podcast) 42. Alex Alvarez of Brown-Forman

From water to soil to grains, our environment affects every part of the spirits industry. At Brown-Forman, sustainability is key to their longevity. This week on the podcast, we welcome Alex Alvarez, Chief Production and Sustainability Officer at Brown-Forman, to discuss Brown-Forman's ongoing commitment to protect the world and the people and employees who inhabit it. Listen now!

Spirited Advocate Podcast) Episode 41. Dr. Joy Spence of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

It's not hard to love your job when you're Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum's Master Blender - and this next guest has been in the rum business for 40 years! This week we have the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Joy Spence, the industry's first female Master Blender. Dr. Spence, or "Auntie Joy " as her Appleton colleagues refer to her, tells us about how her love of science and chemistry landed her at Appleton Estate and her ongoing pursuit of the perfect blend. Listen now!

Spirited Advocate Podcast) 40. Steve Bashore of The Distillery at Mount Vernon

Where America has been, so has American whiskey. Even our Founding Father George Washington ran one of the largest whiskey distilleries in the early years of the nation at Mount Vernon. Steve Bashore, Miller, Distiller and Historian at Mount Vernon Distillery, helps us close out Bourbon Heritage Month to discuss the beginnings of whiskey distilling in America, and its lasting impact on our country. That and more on the Spirited Advocate Podcast, listen now!