WASHINGTON, D.C. – Arizona consumers will soon have the opportunity to sample premium and super premium distilled spirits products at tasting events held at liquor stores and supermarkets under a bill approved today by the state legislature. “Arizona has taken a step forward in modernizing its alcohol laws by allowing retailers to host enjoyable distilled spirits tastings similar to wine tastings that have been held across the country for years,” said Berman Obaldia, Vice President of the Distilled Spirits Council. “Adult consumers will now have the opportunity to sample the world’s finest premium spirits products in tasteful and responsible retail setting.” Obaldia pointed out that under the legislation, HB 2647, restricts the size of a sample to one half an ounce, the location within a store where it can be held (in the beverage alcohol section only), and it limits the amount of time the tasting can be conducted to three hours. “Adult consumers are fascinated by the revival of the cocktail culture,” said Obaldia. “Over the last few years, the premium and super premium brands have been driving the market. Consumers want to purchase these fine products but they would like to try them before making their buying decision.” With the passage of this bill, Arizona will become the 40th state in the nation to allow tastings of distilled spirits and the 14th in the last six years to pass or expand consumer tastings laws.