WASHINGTON, DC – Bellevue became the first city in Kentucky to allow Sunday spirits sales at liquor stores, under an ordinance passed yesterday evening by the Bellevue City Council, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. “With Sunday now the second busiest shopping day of the week, states and localities are realizing these outdated Blue Laws no longer have a place in our modern society,” said Peter H. Cressy, President of the Distilled Spirits Council whose organization has successfully lobbied to repeal Sunday sales bans in other states including Ohio, which goes into effect September 16. Cressy pointed out there has been a nationwide trend of states modernizing their liquor laws to bring consumers added convenience, boost economic development and generate additional tax revenue. In the past two and a half years, 11 states have joined the list of states allowing Sunday sales, bringing the total to 32. The City Council voted on the ordinance after a July 30 ruling by the Kentucky Court of Appeals that permits local governments to permit Sunday sales of package liquor. The state chose not to appeal to the state Supreme Court, effectively leaving local governments to decide whether to allow Sunday liquor sales. The Bellevue ordinance is effective immediately, meaning stores can open as early as Sunday, Sept. 12. The Distilled Spirits Council will be working with the Kentucky Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association and retailers in other Kentucky cities to support the passage of additional Sunday sales ordinances.