Liquor Industry Commends Legislative Efforts to Modernize Antiquated Laws

ATLANTA, GA – Under new legislation introduced Friday, liquor stores are one step closer to selling distilled spirits on Sundays, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

Senate Bill 137, introduced by Senator Seth Harp, would give local voters the chance to decide on allowing beer, wine and distilled spirits sales on Sundays.  The new legislation was filed to address the concerns raised by package store owners, who would have been excluded under a previous bill permitting grocery and convenience stores to sell beer and wine on Sundays.

“Now that the legislation includes spirits, it’s right for Georgia,” said Council vice president Jay Hibbard, whose organization has aggressively supported Sunday sales in numerous states.  “When it passes, it will allow the overwhelming majority of Georgians who favor Sunday sales the opportunity to decide for themselves. Sunday alcohol sales will bring the state more revenue, consumers more convenience, and level the playing field for small businesses.”

Thirty-four states across the country currently allow Sunday Sales of distilled spirits.  Since 2002, 12 states have modernized their liquor laws by passing legislation allowing Sunday Sales of distilled spirits.  Georgia is one of only three states (Connecticut and Indiana) that still prohibit Sunday sales of beer, wine and distilled spirits.

Hibbard noted that with Sunday now the second busiest shopping day, year-round Sunday Sales of distilled spirits in Georgia would lead to an estimated retailer revenue impact range of $29.1 to $40.7 million and between $3.4 to $4.8 million for the state of Georgia in additional sales tax revenue.