WASHINGTON, DC – The Distilled Spirits Council said today Brazil has officially recognized Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey as distinctive products of the United States.  This action by Brazil follows the U.S. announcement of the recognition of Cachaça as a distinctive product of Brazil last month.

“Today’s announcement by the Brazilian government ensures that only Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey produced in the U.S. according to official U.S. standards may be sold in Brazil,” said Distilled Spirits Council of the United States President Peter H. Cressy. “Our whiskey exports to Brazil are growing rapidly, and this will ensure the integrity of our products in this expanding market.”

U.S. Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey exports to Brazil shot up 519% from 2001 to 2011, and increased a further 17.9% to reach nearly $3.8 million in 2012.  The new recognition is expected to help U.S. Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey exports continue to expand in this dynamic and growing market.

The United States and Brazil reached an agreement to recognize one another’s distinctive spirits in April 2012, and today’s announcement is the culmination of that agreement.

“We wish to thank the Office of the United States Trade Representative and the Tax and Trade Bureau for their tireless efforts to secure Brazil’s recognition of America’s distinctive spirits — Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey,” Cressy concluded.