–Consumers/Retailers Urge Governor to Sign Bill–

DENVER, CO – Coloradans in favor of ending outdated Blue Laws have reason to cheer as the State Legislature today passed Senate Bill 82, legislation repealing the state’s archaic ban on Sunday alcohol sales.

“This is a win for all the store owners and customers who took time out of their busy schedules to fight for this,” said Jeanne McEvoy, owner of Aspen Leaf Liquor in Loveland. “I encourage Governor Ritter to respond to my customers and all of our customers who have expressed to us how much they want the convenience of Sunday sales by signing this bill.”

McEvoy noted that nearly the entire spirits industry in Colorado has come together for the first time in history to support this legislation.

The bill, authored by Senator Jennifer Veiga and Representative Cheri Jahn, passed the Senate today by a 24-9 vote.  The bill now moves to the Governor’s desk for final signature.  It would become effective July 1, 2008.

“This is a terrific victory for the benefit of consumer convenience, market modernization and free enterprise,” said Distilled Spirits Council President Peter Cressy, noting that 2008 marks the 75th anniversary of national Prohibition Repeal.  “With such unprecedented support from the retail tier and its customers, we hope the Governor will sign this bill in the spirit of modernization.”

“We congratulate the Colorado Legislature and commend Senator Veiga and Representative Jahn for their active leadership passing this bill,” Cressy added.

Colorado becomes the 35th state to pass Sunday spirits sales – the latest in a growing trend of states modernizing archaic alcohol laws.   Thirteen states, including Colorado, have passed Sunday sales laws since 2002.

Sunday Sales Will Support Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Many out of state tourists are shocked to learn alcohol is unavailable on Sundays in Colorado.  A recent economic analysis shows that year-round Sunday Sales of distilled spirits alone in Colorado would lead to an estimated retailer revenue impact range of $23 to $32 million and between $1.8 and $2.6 million for the state in additional sales tax revenue.

Major Newspapers Support Repeal of Sunday Sales Ban
Major newspapers across Colorado have overwhelmingly supported repealing the archaic ban on Sunday sales, including: The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, and The Colorado Springs Gazette among others.