Hartford, CT – Repealing Connecticut’s antiquated ban on Sunday alcohol sales would generate millions in new revenue for the state, according to Distilled Spirits Council Vice President Jay Hibbard who testified today before the Legislative Program Review and Investigations (PRI) Committee.

“By its own estimate, the State of Connecticut would realize increased revenue in the form of additional excise tax and sales tax in the range of $7.5 to $8 million,” Hibbard said, referring to the independent PRI Committee’s December 2009 staff findings report.  “Sunday is the second busiest shopping day of the week and in today’s dual income households most shopping is done on the weekend.  Allowing the sale of alcohol on Sunday gives adult consumers more choices and added convenience.”

Hibbard added that in this difficult economy, revenue gained by Sunday alcohol sales would not only create jobs for package stores, but would also save jobs destined for extinction from harsh budget cuts.

Hibbard noted that Connecticut remains one of only three states in the entire nation that continue to prohibit Sunday alcohol sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits.  Indiana and Georgia are the other two.