WASHINGTON, April 4, 2002 – Distilled Spirits Council President Peter Cressy Wednesday briefed D.C. based broadcast and advertising trade reporters on his organization’s actions to achieve equal access for distilled spirits advertising. Cressy told the group over lunch at the Council’s D.C headquarters that DSC will continue to build on the base of the hundreds of stations that have aired spirits ads and “who understand that alcohol is alcohol and that spirits ads are tasteful, responsible and a great source of revenue.” He pointed out that the Council, for the second year in a row, will have a major presence at the Las Vegas-based NAB Convention next week. This will include hosting a display booth on the Convention floor showcasing our companies’ products and their ads, and running a television spot about liquor advertising in Las Vegas during the Convention. In addition to NAB, Cressy noted that the Council will continue to work closely with the Television Bureau of Advertising to reach out to its membership of television broadcast groups and independent stations. Cressy also discussed the importance of spreading the message of beverage alcohol equivalency. “Alcohol is alcohol and, once people understand that, they understand beer, wine and spirits should be treated equally and held to the same standard,” he said. “Anything less is hypocrisy.” He added, “This is important not only to level the playing field in broadcasting, but also to continue our efforts at cultural normalization, which is important for all public policy and legislative initiatives.” Attending the briefing were: Ad Age, Ad Week, Electronic Media, Broadcasting & Cable, Hollywood Reporter, Communications Daily, Radio & Record, Radio World and Variety.