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Thank you @GovernorTomWolf for allowing online sales of spirits in #PA. We continue to ask that PA implement other creative solutions, like allowing restaurants to sell cocktails & spirits to-go. Multiple solutions would help PA meet clear consumer demand. https://t.co/nSPg7SVn5R

JOIN US💻! DISCUS will be hosting a FREE webinar on 4/3 @ 1pm ET with @USDOT to provide hazardous materials training for the transportation of alcohol-based hand sanitizers during the #COVID19 public health emergency. DM us for the dial-in!

A classic & simple recipe for your #homebar - the Manhattan🥃. Remember to always enjoy responsibly, even when at home.

We encourage everyone to #DrinkResponsibly all year long, but you could use #AlcoholResponsibilityMonth to start conversations about responsible drinking habits with your family members, coworkers, and friends.

[email protected] kicked off #TipYourBartender - an effort to bring the virtual bar to social media to raise funds for bartenders under financial stress due to #COVID19. Check it out on @punch_drink's IG every weekday @ 5pm. More: https://t.co/c8kI9K2zOl #DistillersUnited4aCause