Washington, D.C.—The Distilled Spirits Council and the Edinburgh-based Scotch Whisky Association today announced a partnership that will bring the delights of Scotch Whisky to the dens and living rooms of adult American consumers. As part of the Council’s Simple Pleasures media program, the two organizations are collaborating for the first time to host an American consumer media tour to member companies’ Scotch distilleries. The week long Scotland trip in late August is fully booked with writers from many popular U.S. magazines and major daily newspapers. The visit will expose the lifestyle writers to the homes and tastes of well-known major Scotch brands such as Johnnie Walker, Dewars and Chivas Regal, as well as connoisseur-favored single malts Laphroaig, Dalmore, Glenmorangie, and many others. In addition to exploring the heritage of member brands, the trip will highlight the Scotch-making process, from barley and peat to blending and aging, in each unique region: Lowland, Speyside, Highland and Islay. “Following on the successful Bourbon Trail media tour this past Spring, we are launching this partnership with the SWA to expand American appreciation of this important category, which is rich with 500 years of history” said Distilled Spirits Council President Peter H. Cressy. “Our goal is to broaden consumer attention in the U.S. on our members’ premium products through these high-level media tours that explore the heritage and character of their regions of origin,” Cressy added. “Bringing consumers a fuller understanding of the history and traditions of distilleries and their fine products is a key to public acceptance and continued global growth.” Cressy also noted that the Council emphasizes the importance of responsibility, moderation and equivalence, as part of normal, healthy adult lifestyle, in discussions with participating media. Hugh Morison, Chief Executive of The Scotch Whisky Association, welcomed the collaborative approach that brings together both trade associations and their member companies. “In creating the famous blends, Scotch distillers must marry together single whiskies from many different distilleries. This leads to a close relationship between companies that is reflected in this tour, where main street rivals are working together to lift just a little of the mystery that makes Scotch Whisky such a popular drink all over the world.” Scotch Whisky is sold in around 200 markets. The US is one of the most important markets accounting for around 10% all Scotch Whisky sales each year. Exports of Scotch to the US in 2001 were worth £300 million to Scotland. About the Distilled Spirits Council The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States is the national trade association representing the producers and marketers of distilled spirits sold in America and throughout the world. About the Scotch Whisky Association The SWA represents the interests of Scotch Whisky distillers, blenders and bottlers worldwide. Around 98% of all producers are members of the Association.