WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Distilled Spirits Council today announced a new partnership with Tales of the Cocktail to promote moderation messages during the weeklong spirits festival in New Orleans.

“As the spirits community gathers in New Orleans to celebrate the cocktail renaissance and share the latest trends, we want them to remember that the key ingredient to every classic cocktail is moderation,” said Distilled Spirits Council Senior Vice President, Frank Coleman.  “Through this new partnership with Tales of the Cocktail, we are reaching over 10,000 professionals in the spirits and hospitality sectors with information on alcohol, health and moderation.”

In partnership with Tales of the Cocktail and with support from Council members, the Council created an Alcohol and Moderation factsheet, which will be distributed to event attendees.  The fact sheet includes tips for responsible entertaining and information on moderate drinking from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

“We welcome this important social responsibility partnership with the Distilled Spirits Council,” said Ann Tuennerman, Founder and Executive Director of Tales of the Cocktail.  “As we look forward to a festive week of seminars, tastings and events at Tales of the Cocktail, we encourage all attendees to practice moderation.”

The Council offers the following tips for responsible entertaining. Download the full alcohol and moderation factsheet here.

1.    Designate a bartender: Assign a bartender who can serve your guests and keep an eye on how much everyone is drinking.

2.    Remember, alcohol is alcohol.  According to the Dietary Guidelines, a “drink-equivalent” is defined as 1.5 fluid ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits (40 percent alcohol) such as rum, vodka, gin and whiskey; 12 fluid ounces of regular beer (5 percent alcohol); or five fluid ounces of wine (12 percent alcohol).  One drink contains 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol.

3.    Provide food to complement your cocktails. Consider food pairings that enhance or contrast the flavor of the cocktails you’re serving: fresh seafood accentuates vodka or gin cocktails; smoked meats and even pickled vegetables complement Scotch or Bourbon cocktails; and citrus-flavored dishes match well with Tequila or rum cocktails.

4.    Make available non-alcohol beverages for your guests. Always provide non-alcohol alternatives such as a festive punch for those guests who choose not to drink alcohol.

5.    Ensure your guests have a safe way home. Ensure your guests have safe rides home either through designated drivers, taxis or a car service. Have local taxi service numbers available or consider prearranging a car service or ride app credit for your guests.


For more tips and information on responsible and moderate drinking visit www.drinkinmoderation.org