DISTILLED SPIRITS COUNCIL APPLAUDS GOVERNOR ROWLAND’S COMMITMENT TO MARKETPLACE MODERNIZATION WASHINGTON, December 4, 2003 – The Distilled Spirits Council commended Governor John Rowland today for his commitment to modernize Connecticut’s marketplace by supporting Sunday alcohol sales. According to media reports, Rowland said he supports legislation to end a 70 year ban on Sunday alcohol sales. “In our modern society, between ATM cards and conveniences of having stores nearby and open 24 hours a day, we’ve got to step up to the times. So I think the old Blue law thing is kind of outdated,” Rowland told one interviewer. Distilled Spirits Council President Peter Cressy said, “We applaud Governor Rowland for recognizing that Connecticut’s marketplace must evolve with our changing society. Sunday is now the second busiest shopping day of the week with the increase of dual income families. States like New York, Rhode Island and even Massachusetts are responding by rolling back archaic Blue laws, bringing consumers more choices and states more tax revenue.” In the last year and a half, six states have passed Sunday sales legislation including Massachusetts where Governor Mitt Romney signed Sunday alcohol sales legislation last week as part of the state’s economic package. Twenty-seven states now permit Sunday liquor sales. “With the passage of Sunday liquor sales in New York and Massachusetts, Connecticut can no longer afford to hang on to this Sunday sales prohibition,” said Cressy. According to an economic analysis conducted by the Distilled Spirits Council, Connecticut stands to lose up to $3.5 million in tax revenue and retailers stand to lose $37 million in retail sales now that Massachusetts and New York permit Sunday sales. Passage of Sunday sales in Connecticut could generate $13.3 million in new tax revenue, according to a separate study by Dr. Charles W. de Seve, President of the American Economics Group, Inc. in Washington, D.C., and former Director of Tax and Fiscal Studies for the New York State Assembly.