WASHINGTON—The Distilled Spirits Council today commended the New York Senate and Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, for the passage of comprehensive drunk driving measures including a .08 blood alcohol concentration limit (BAC). The legislative package calls for reducing the state’s legal limit for blood alcohol content to .08 and increasing criminal penalties against repeat drunk drivers and high BAC drivers. Under an Amendment, the implementation date would be March 1, 2003. “We commend the New York State Senate and in particular, Majority Leader Bruno, for passing comprehensive drunk driving legislation. Passing .08 alone is not enough. To be truly effective, we must target repeat offenders and those who get behind the wheel with a high BAC limits,” said Distilled Spirits Council (DSC) President Peter Cressy. In April 2001, the distillers formed an historic partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to support a .08 blood alcohol concentration limit when coupled with comprehensive drunk driving measures. Since then, the distillers have worked closely with MADD and other interested groups to lobby for comprehensive drunk driving laws in states across the country. In New York, Cressy said a broad coalition came together to lobby in support of the drunk driving measures including The Century Council, Stop DWI Coalition, Miller Brewing and the Empire State Tavern Association.