Washington, D.C. – The Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS) yesterday hosted a media “buying” summit bringing together industry leaders to share best practices for responsible placement under the rigorous demographic provision of the voluntary DISCUS advertising and marketing Code.

“This conference was designed to bring together the very best minds in the industry to share best practices to ensure responsible placement of distilled spirits advertisements,” said Distilled Spirits Council President Peter Cressy in a keynote address to the group.

The objectives of the conference were: to enhance industry-wide compliance with the Code’s 70% 21 years and older demographic placement provisions; and to exchange experiences, share ideas and discuss best practices in complying with the 70% standard.

The conference featured speakers from major media research firms that analyze media audiences such as Arbitron, Nielsen, Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) and ComScore as well as separate panels on buying for radio, television, print and digital media.

Carolyn Panzer, a Diageo executive and Chair of the Distilled Spirits Council Code Review Board, which reviews complaints against specific ads said, “The summit was a real nuts and bolts compliance meeting that demonstrates our commitment to be best-in-class in self-regulation.”

Under the distillers’ Code of Responsible Practices for Beverage Alcohol Advertising and Marketing, beverage alcohol advertising and marketing should be placed only in a medium where at least 70% of the audience is reasonably expected to be 21 years of age or older.