Website Marks 75th Anniversary of Prohibition Repeal, Legacies

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS) today announced the launch of, a new website that highlights the history and legacy of Prohibition in the 75th anniversary year of national Prohibition Repeal.

December 5th is the official date in 1933 that the 36th state, Utah, ratified the 21st Amendment ending a 13-year national nightmare that didn’t decrease alcohol abuse but increased it, didn’t eliminate crime but criminalized ordinary citizens, and didn’t increase prosperity but robbed the treasury of taxes. offers visitors comprehensive information about history of the Prohibition authored by some of the best known spirits writers in America, including author and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Gary Regan and Esquire columnist and cocktail historian David Wondrich, as well as photos, facts, calendars, blogs and news updates.

The site also includes an extensive section on the Legacies of Prohibition, such as Sunday Blue Law liquor sales bans that continue to burden consumer convenience, small businesses and state and local economies, and a history of industry responsibility efforts.

On the lighter side, visitors will find historic recipes for Prohibition-era cocktails, uncovered by Mr. Wondrich, a national directory of prohibition-era speakeasies still in operation, and tips for hosting a responsible Prohibition Repeal party.

“Despite 75 years of progress modernizing alcohol laws across the country, many states continue to support Prohibition-era regulations,” said DISCUS Senior Vice President Frank Coleman, noting that 15 states still prohibit Sunday spirits sales, seven states deny spirits tastings, and six states ban alcohol sales on election days. “With this website, we’re toasting the many states that have rolled back their outdated Blue Laws, and calling attention to the ones who haven’t,” he added.