Washington, D.C. – Distilled Spirits Council President Peter H. Cressy expressed condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Jim Beam Master Distiller Emeritus Frederick Booker Noe II, grandson of the legendary Jim Beam, who died today in Bardstown, KY after an extended illness. Calling Noe “one of the crown jewels of the American Distilling industry,” Cressy noted that “he was a cultural icon who was beloved by Whiskey aficionados around the globe. He embodied the great heritage and traditions of the Bourbon industry, and was one of its greatest ambassadors as well as a mentor to so many of the master distillers of today.” In addition, Cressy said, “Noe was an innovator who played a key role in the rejuvenation of the Bourbon category through the development of the small batch trend which is exploding worldwide. “The entire American distilling industry mourns his loss,” Cressy concluded.