Sofia, , June 6,  2006 – The Distilled Spirits Council of the hosted a mixology seminar and tasting of super premium American whiskeys, vodka and liqueurs for importers; restaurant and nightclub owners, managers and bartenders; spirits buyers; at the Hilton Sofia.

The event showcased the latest in global cocktail trends while incorporating Bulgarian influences into the recipes.   Additionally, guests sampled and learned about the unique and distinct flavors of American whiskeys including Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, Kentucky Gentleman and George Dickel.  Allen Katz, the well known New York City mixologist and spirits expert, led the program.

“The tremendous resurgence of cocktail culture can be linked to the popular vintage and retro styles dominating everything from fashion and music to food and drinks,” said Allen Katz.

A food pairing demonstration led by Mr. Uti Bachvarov, famous chef of the television show Delicious!, was another highlight of the seminar.  Bachvarov showed how well American spirits can compliment meals and entertaining.

The event concluded with a reception highlighting American spirits in specialty cocktails and Bourbon marinated dishes.  Allen Katz’ Summer Simmer, a blend of American whiskey and fresh pink grapefruit juice, proved to be a crowd pleaser.  And Hilton Sofia Executive Chef Andre Tokev ‘s shrimp crostini with mango and chili bourbon was a favorite.

“American spirits such as Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey offer an incredible range of flavors,” said Distilled Spirits Council President Peter H. Cressy. “They’re a great addition to any restaurant or bar beverage program precisely because of the versatility.  They are great straight, on the rocks (over ice), or mixed in cocktails. “

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