Statement by DISCUS Senior Vice President Frank Coleman in response to the latest CAMY “study” presented at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans


Washington, DC – “At a time when the CDC is under constant fire for mismanaging numerous crises, it is yet again wasting millions of tax dollars on blatant anti-alcohol advocacy research.

“This study wrongly presumes that the vast majority of drinkers are abusive drinkers, and hence impose economic costs on society.  It also fails to acknowledge the scientific fact that truly abusive drinkers are little affected by price (according to Wagenaar’s own research, among many).

“They also predictably completely ignore the significant, beneficial economic effects on the hospitality industry and the positive health effects of moderate alcohol consumption. In fact, CDC’s own 2011 research (ironically in the American Journal of Public Health) showed conclusively that moderate drinking was one of four key behaviors to help people live longer.

“This is a colossal waste of taxpayer funds to promote Jernigan’s candid and unvarnished higher tax agenda. It would only be noteworthy if he said the opposite,” said Distilled Spirits Council Senior Vice President Frank Coleman.