WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 14, 2001 – The distilled spirits industry hailed the decision by NBC to air the first network distilled spirits advertisement calling the news “an important step.” “This is a positive day for the spirits industry and for our adult consumers,” said Peter Cressy, President of the Distilled Spirits Council. “Our member companies have a longstanding tradition of social responsibility. Their commitment to responsible advertising will remain regardless of the medium.” Peter Cressy noted, “This is the natural evolution in our process to responsibly communicate to our adult consumers through the broadcast airwaves. Over the last five years, distilled spirits advertisements have aired on more than 400 broadcast television stations across the country and these responsible spots have been met with broad public acceptance. The public is accustomed to seeing alcohol advertising on television and they realize that alcohol is alcohol.” In addition to the broadcast television outlets, distilled spirits ads have aired on more than 2000 radio stations and on television cable networks and cable systems nationwide. For more than 65 years, the distilled spirits industry has abided by a voluntary Code of Good Practice which includes 30 provisions regarding responsible content and responsible placement of distilled spirits advertisements. In fact, in a recent Federal Trade Commission report on beverage alcohol advertising, the Commission concluded that the distilled spirits industry’s self-regulatory practices were effective and commended the distilled spirits industry for the measures it takes to ensure that distilled spirits advertising is responsible and intended for adults.