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” While welcome back. Modern — are talking about — say in this hour and and I money from a lot of money money money be made out there Peter Christy joined his right now CEO. Of disgust that’s distilled spirits. Our council of the United States wanted to show Peter. And glad to be your sense pronounced discus. And I assure you — done in moderation. Nice thank you very much for that a discus is how it’s pronounced the Akron and don’t tell me how the liquor industry in general has done in this recession.”

” We’ve done. All right. I think gun. Importantly. You know we have two elements the on premise side which is a restaurant — hotel’s side. And that’s taken a bit of a beating as you know the hospitality industries probably lost 300000. Plus jobs. But the oft promised the package store side. Has made up for. And that side. As has the volume is gone out. As the 21 and older population has grown. So we held our own. I think. Particularly considering that this — very tough recession. I had drinking habits changed our majoring in different things now. Well I think it’s more at two things one is I think first and most importantly it’s more where you’re drinking. There’s definitely been I gravitate and away from eating out. And when you when you’re not eating out when you’re not paying for that luxury then you’re not drinking out. So more of that has gravitated to home. So we’ve definitely seen a return. On to the home are two folks getting more and making. On their own cocktails and that’s not a bad thing we think it’s it’s good that did it enhances. Sophistication and romance of of the cocktail. The other thing is there has been a little bit of trading down and no surprise is certainly seen that in everything from. From automobiles to food. Folks are not quite as much into the luxury items as they were so they’re not quite as much into the super premium. I will say yes. We think we — just a little bit of — turn around now so that’s goodness.”

” Is there’s is there values doesn’t value in the middle area there because — for awhile. Everybody wanted to get the most expensive live there all wanted top shelf. Is there a — a big push now on the industry to find that middle area where you can have a a very high quality product but also a good.”

” Price. Well I think that’s one of the smart things about this industry. — it is well positioned. To meet a variety of pocket books and a variety of taste. And there had been some folks. Who have kind of eased down mean from the super premium to the premium and is still. Very good products. At that level and that is certainly kept the industry I’m moving forward just a little bit. Despite this very tough recession.”

” What is this celebrity world done for the industry could you get. And I mention sex in the city or limited mention it again it cosmopolitan. Hot again right. Pete and we need is vodka he saw moms would ever so — yeah in great makes vodka and that cool skull has all that. Done it — had to help the industry. Where I.”

” Think different marketing themes have revolved around celebrities. We we certainly saw that a little bit with cognac. And that seemed to help them. We’ve seen you know certain kind of movie movie placements and TV placements. There’s no question it. A sex in the city. Did a great deal for the cosmopolitan. And provide — and temperature. Taxes.”

” You’re talking about it with tobacco earlier at what what the impact been on taxes because states need revenue. Those municipalities everybody needs revenue these days and certainly they’ll they’ll look towards the alcohol industry I would imagine that the — of that revenue.”

” Like you’re absolutely right oh they do and it’s kind of interesting if you if you look over the last 89 years now we’ve seen about thirty serious threats a year. Last year that ballooned up to what I would call for a very serious threats they were actually 120. Separate bills tax bills on that we had to fight back and I’m very pleased to say that most legislators get it. That it is not an alcohol tax it’s — hospitality tax. If you tax the alcohol industry you’re taxing hospitality industry. And that is gonna continue to put people out of work in the restaurant hotel and tourism business. And interestingly enough. Out of that 120 we only lost six house. And and the effect was was immediate dramatic and the Massachusetts and pass a sales tax on top of their state excise and federal excise taxes and immediately business started to gravitate to to New Hampshire. I Illinois. Passed an additional state tax. That was on — on top — county tax on the Chicago attacks and Chicago continues to suffer in the hospitality industry. The good news is is that. The economic arguments that we’ve been able to make. About the importance of hospitality industry. To jobs in this country has resonated almost everywhere and that’s the danger on concerned about it in 2000 and then. Write their grave mistake. First state legislators to. Gravitate to see if they can. Whack another. Peace attack especially out of spirits and — spirits is taxed more than beer and and and three times as much.”

” And they’re gonna make their case toward Peterson keep fighting the good fight Democrats — CEO of discus Distilled Spirits Council of the United States nation beyond us act. Happy to be here thank you US.”