Governor Deal signs Senate Bill 10 into law

ATLANTA, GA – Communities across Georgia now have the opportunity to vote on Sunday alcohol sales under a bill signed this morning by Governor Nathan Deal repealing the statewide ban on Sunday sales, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

“This is an important step for consumer convenience, market modernization and free enterprise,” said Distilled Spirits Council President Peter Cressy, whose organization has supported Sunday sales in states across the country.  “For years now, consumers and newspapers across the state have urged the repeal of this outdated Blue Law.   We congratulate the State Legislature for its leadership in passing this bill, and Governor Deal for signing it into law.”

Senate Bill 10, authored by Sen. John Bulloch and supported by Rep. Roger Williams, passed the State Legislature on April 12th and was signed by Governor Deal today at the Capitol.  The law takes effect July 1 and allows for special alcohol elections as early as November 2011.

Several Georgia communities have already expressed interested in putting Sunday alcohol sales measures on local ballots this year, Cressy noted.

Georgia becomes the 37th state to pass Sunday liquor sales; and leaves Connecticut and Indiana as the only two states that still ban Sunday sales of liquor, wine and beer at off-premise establishments such as package stores.  Fifteen states, including Georgia, have passed Sunday alcohol sales laws since 2002.