New London, CT, Feb. 4, 2005 – Connecticut package stores will be the biggest losers this Super Bowl Sunday as retailers across the state are forced to shut their doors, according to a New London-area liquor store owner. “Superbowl Sunday is the biggest home entertaining event of the year for football fans and I’m forced by law to close my doors while other states take our sales,” said Valentina Barker, owner of Hamm’s Wine Cellar in Pawcatuck. “It’s time for Connecticut to repeal this anti-business, anti-consumer law and let each retailer decide what is best for his or her business.” Within the past three years, 11 states including Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island have passed legislation permitting year-round sales of alcohol on Sunday, bringing the number of states that have rolled back Blue Laws to 32. Connecticut remains the only North Eastern state to hold onto its Prohibition-era law. The passage of Sunday alcohol sales in Connecticut could generate $13.3 million in new tax revenue, according to a study by Dr. Charles W. de Seve, President of the American Economics Group Inc., and former Director of Tax and Fiscal Studies for the New York State Assembly.