Ordinance expands spirits RTDs to an additional 277 on-premise outlets already selling beer and wine in Clark County which includes Las Vegas

Last week, the Clark County Clerk signed an ordinance expanding access to spirits ready-to-drink (RTD) products by allowing them to be sold at on-premise establishments where beer and wine are sold.

“By allowing spirits-based RTDs to be sold where beer and wine are sold, Clark County has increased consumer convenience, supported local businesses and boosted state tax revenue,” said Adam Smith, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States Vice President of State Government Relations. “Clark County, which includes the popular tourist destination Las Vegas, is setting an example for the rest of the state by passing this ordinance and allowing businesses to serve their customers a genuine spirits-based drink, instead of a beer or wine product that imitates a real cocktail. Alcohol is alcohol, and there is no good reason products with similar alcohol content should not be sold in the same places. We encourage the Nevada Legislature to take action on expanding spirits RTD access statewide.”

The ordinance defines spirits RTDs as products in original containers not exceeding 17% alcohol-by-volume.