The Ohio House passed legislation today to allow Sunday sales of distilled spirits products on a statewide basis while allowing localities to opt-out via local election.

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) submitted testimony for this bill, HB 674, last week.

“Allowing Sunday sales across Ohio will increase consumer convenience and provide additional choice for shoppers,” said David Wojnar, DISCUS vice president of state government relations. “Expanding Sunday sales will also provide a significant boost in state and local business revenues. The Senate should act quickly to pass this bill to support Ohio consumers and businesses.”

Today, 43 states permit Sunday sales of distilled spirits. Since 2002, 21 states have passed laws permitting Sunday sales including Ohio’s neighboring states of Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. In 2019 alone, Virginia and West Virginia both enacted legislation to permit alcohol sales or expand Sunday hours of sale on a statewide basis.