WASHINGTON, D.C. – Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed legislation Tuesday repealing the state’s outdated ban on Election Day alcohol sales—a move the Distilled Spirits Council called a great step towards modernization  in this 75th anniversary year of national Prohibition Repeal.

“Blue laws like these simply don’t make sense in today’s economy,” said DISCUS Vice President David Wojnar, who called the Election Day sales ban a relic of the Prohibition era when saloons sometimes served as polling stations.  “It’s fitting that Idaho has repealed this outdated law now, in the 75th anniversary year of Prohibition Repeal.  Idaho is one of many states re-examining their own archaic and inefficient Blue Laws in order to modernize the market and bring consumers more added convenience.”

House Bill 348, which takes effect July 1, deletes the prohibition on the sale of alcoholic liquors on national, state and local election days for sales of distilled spirits through state-owned and contract liquor stores.  The bill also ends the ban on liquor by the drink sales in bars and restaurants during polling hours.  Presently, liquor by the drink is available on Election Day only after the polls are closed.