Dominic Alaimo has been operating a package store in Enfield for 31 years, and he works long hours at his shop.

But Alaimo wants the option to work even harder — opening on Sundays because he says business drives right by his Freshwater Package Store on the 2-mile drive to the Massachusetts border.

Working seven days a week wouldn’t bother him, and he would certainly work on Sunday, he said.

“Absolutely,” Alaimo said in an interview. “It’s a tough economy.”

Alaimo traveled to the state Capitol complex Monday to testify in favor of overturning the law prohibiting Connecticut package stores from opening on Sundays. Alaimo said he cannot understand the position of the Connecticut Package Stores Association, Gov. M. Jodi Rell, and Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele — all of whom oppose the Sunday sale of beer, wine and hard liquor in package stores and supermarkets. He rejects the idea that it has always been that way and that Sunday has traditionally been a day of rest.

“The government has no business telling us when we can open or close,” Alaimo said. “Bars are open. Restaurants are open. Car dealers are open. Shouldn’t them people rest, too?”

Massachusetts allows Sunday sales, and Alaimo says a steady stream of cars heads over the border on a regular basis, which hurts him and many other package stores near the border.

“My business is down 40 percent,” Alaimo said. “We’re getting destroyed.”