DENVER, CO – The Distilled Spirits Council today applauded Representative Paul Weissman (D-Denver) for his plan to offer an amendment tomorrow that will rollback Colorado’s antiquated Sunday alcohol sales ban statewide. Representative Weissman, Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, will offer the amendment to S.B. 33 during a committee hearing on the bill tomorrow. “Representative Weissman clearly understands the importance of modernizing Colorado’s outdated Sunday sales law,” said DISCUS Vice President Berman Obaldia, whose organization has lobbied aggressively for Sunday sales legislation in numerous states. “Sunday alcohol sales will bring the state more revenue, consumers more convenience, and retailers more choices.” Obaldia pointed out that Sunday sales are important for a state like Colorado where tourism is one of the state’s largest industries. “Sunday sales are an important option for retailers, especially those in resort and tourist areas. Retailers are missing out on significant sales by being forced to close their doors on Sundays,” said Obaldia. According to an analysis by the Distilled Spirits Council’s chief economist, Sunday sales of alcohol in Colorado would generate $1.8-$2.6 million in new tax revenue for the state. “In today’s modern society, Sunday is now the second busiest shopping day of the week,” said Obaldia, noting that the majority of families are comprised of dual income adults who do most of their shopping on the weekend. “Allowing the sale of spirits, beer and wine at liquor stores on Sunday gives adult consumers more choices and added convenience.” Colorado is one of a growing national trend of states re-examining the rationale behind outdated Sunday sales prohibitions as a way to benefit consumers while at the same time raising much needed revenues. Since 2002, 12 states have passed laws permitting Sunday sales – Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Ohio, Idaho, Kansas, Washington and Virginia − bringing the number of states that permit Sunday sales to 34.