New York, July 2002 – Martha Stewart may be today’s doyenne of domesticity, but our country’s first First Lady Martha Washington was a skilled entertainer at her Virginia home, Mount Vernon. Martha’s couture cocktails were traditionally served to guests before dinner, which in the 1790’s was a protracted affair that began at three in the afternoon! As Martha’s private journals confirm, the delicious cocktail recipes made for dinner guests at Mount Vernon were created using distilled spirits produced at the estate’s distillery. George Washington’s distillery not only produced liquor for his own family; the distillery was also one of the largest and most profitable of the colonial era. “The distilled spirits industry is very proud of its heritage and our founding father George Washington’s role as a distiller,” said Beth Davies, Director of Lifestyle Communications. “Enjoying Martha Washington’s updated cocktail classics is a great way to celebrate the American spirit this July fourth.” The Distilled Spirits Council has adapted some of Martha’s own hand-written recipes to share for this year’s fun outdoor celebrations. This pair of fruity and refreshing libations is easy to re-create in your backyard and the perfect choice for a modern day July 4th barbecue or block party. Mix up a pitcher and share the unique taste of Washingtonian history with your friends! Martha Washington’s Rum Punch (Serving 6-10) 3 oz. White Rum 3 oz. Dark Rum 3 oz. Orange Curaçao 4 oz. Simple Syrup 4 oz. Lemon Juice 4 oz. Fresh Orange Juice 3 Lemons quartered 1 Orange quartered ½ Tsp. Grated nutmeg 3 Cinnamon sticks (broken) 6 Cloves 12 oz. Boiling water Preparation: In a container, mash the orange, lemons, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg. Add the syrup, lemon, and orange juices. Pour the boiling water over the mixture in the container. Let cool for a few minutes. When cool, add the White Rum, Dark Rum, and Orange Curaçao. Strain well into a pitcher or punch bowl (to remove all of the spice marinade) and serve over ice in goblets and decorate with wheels of lemon and orange. Dust with a little nutmeg and cinnamon and enjoy a sip of American history. In addition to her popular Rum punch, Martha also developed a number of other early cocktail recipes including a Cherry Bounce Spritzer made with brandy from the Mount Vernon distillery. Cherry Bounce Spritzer *When Cherries are not in season, use Cherry Liqueur rather than Cherries. 1½ oz. Brandy 1 oz. Simple Syrup Club Soda 4 Cherries Preparation: Mash the 4 Cherries and Simple Syrup. Strain into a highball glass, add the Brandy and top with Club Soda. Garnish with a cherry. So, raise your glass and toast our founding fathers with these classic recipes from Mount Vernon. Always ensure that when serving alcohol at a party, be responsible. Tips on throwing a responsible July 4th party can be found at If history is your passion, the Distilled Spirits Council in association with Mount Vernon recently began the $1.2 million five-year restoration of George Washington’s original distillery on the Mount Vernon Estate. Now in the second year, the final restoration process will realize a fully working distillery in its original glory. Summer visitors to the estate can visit the archeological site in addition to the mansion where Martha once prepared these classic punch recipes. Visit Mount Vernon online at