Senta Boardley

Senta Boardley

Director of Human Capital and Growth

Senta Boardley is the Director of Human Capital and Growth for DISCUS and Her roles include helping to build our team of dedicated staff and finding ways for the team to grow professionally, as we fulfill the missions of both organizations.

Upon graduation from Penn State University, Senta went on to gain experience in the non-profit, for-profit, and legal worlds, before finding a work home at in 2006.

Senta’s favorite drink? “I am a fan of a fruity mocktail with a bit of fizz.”

Something you should know about Senta? Senta is a wife of 28 years, mom of two amazing young men and a beagle named Randy. She enjoys reading, spending time with her husband, making jewelry, and cooking for everyone. Now that her children have left the nest, she looks forward to road trips with her husband and kids, planning events for fun and profit, and furthering her Human Resources education.