Distillers Responding to COVID-19

We are in this together! There are hundreds of distillers producing hand sanitizer for communities across the US to fight COVID-19. They are #DistillersUnited4ACause.

Our COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer Connection Portal is a resource for distillers looking to produce hand sanitizer – providing a list of the necessary ingredients and supplies for making sanitizer and identifying distribution methods.. The portal is available for ALL American distillers to access. We are working with numerous partner organizations to help with production and distribution including Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), the Food Industry Association (FMI), Consumer Brands Association, American Bakers Association, and the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). Learn more on COVID-19 industry news. 


I’m a distiller – where do I start?

First, please fill out this form to publicly share more information about your sanitizer production and any needs.

We’ve heard from many other distillers who want to produce hand sanitizer, but who need supplies such as ethanol or hydrogen peroxide to produce the WHO Formula or who need supplies like bottles, labels, or boxes. We’ve also heard from distillers seeking help with distribution, including delivery, or who have enough sanitizer to share with a retailer to reach more people.

Our Portal aims to help make these connections:

Click here for a list of distillers who need supplies

Click here for a list of distillers who need distribution help

Visitors can search our list of distillers by their city, state, name, and what supplies or distribution help they need. Just click the “+” icon next to a distiller’s name to see more details, including a link to an individual profile with all of that distiller’s information at a glance.

I’d like hand sanitizer for my local community or to sell in bulk – where do I start?

Please visit the list of distillers who are producing sanitizer. This link will display:

  • distiller’s estimated weekly production,
  • how they’re packaging the hand sanitizer,
  • how to get in touch, and
  • if they’d like to sell or donate.

Visitors can search the list of distillers by city, state, name, and more. Just click the “+” icon next to a distiller’s name to see more details. The distiller’s information can also be viewed at a glance by clicking on their company name.

Please contact [email protected] should you have questions or concerns.

Can I reach out to someone to help me with supplies?

VAPP (Visibility and Procurement Platform) provides accredited buyers with unprecedented visibility and access to the nation’s supply of vital raw materials – chemicals like Isopropanol and Ethanol that are used in the production of hand sanitizer – and critical finished goods like N95 masks and gloves.  For DISCUS members that means having real time visibility into supply from trade associations such as the National Association of Chemical Distributors and the ability to procure items such as Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerin with a couple clicks.

For the first time, accredited suppliers will have the ability to sell their materials and finished goods at fair market prices in all 50 states, reaching the organizations and geographies with the greatest need to battle COVID-19. Suppliers maintain full control over which accredited buyers they sell to and all pricing is kept confidential.

VAPP has payment and bulk freight logistics built into the platform enabling quantities of all sizes to move across the country with a few clicks. EchoSystem realize. To prevent price-gouging, all transactions and prices are logged in real time providing system-wide access to pricing anomalies.

VAPP is built on the latest, secure cloud-based technology and is available free of charge. Companies can be up and buying or selling in less than 24 hours and also have instant access to post needed items on the wanted board. Click here to learn more or to sign up. http://www.echosystem.com/vapp or reach out to [email protected].

We’re in this together

To the distillers who are working hard to produce hand sanitizer for their communities, thank you. To the first responders, medical professionals, grocery store employees, delivery men and women, truck drivers, and warehouse employees who continue to keep America moving, thank you. We’ll be stronger when this is behind us. Until then, we are #DistillersUnited4ACause.