Federal Taxes and Regulation Policy for Distilled Spirits

Taxes on Distilled Spirits

In December 2020, Congress enacted into law the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act and made the lower federal excise tax rates permanent! 

The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act was first enacted in 2017, extended for an additional year in 2019, and made permanent in 2020.  Small distillers across the United States have utilized the tax savings to make significant investments in their businesses, thereby supporting their local communities. 

Small distillers put the federal excise tax reduction to work by hiring additional staff, purchasing new equipment, providing health insurance or other benefits to employees, and increasing purchases from local agricultural suppliers.  

Thanks to Congress, distillers avoided a massive tax increase and can now plan with certainty for the future.  

COVID-19 Relief for Distillers

The COVID-19 crisis has significantly impacted distilled spirits producers. Over 800 distilleries across the country stepped up to produce hand sanitizer during the pandemic.  

At the same time, as fewer Americans dine or enjoy a cocktail out, travel, or gather for events, craft distillers have experienced a 41% decline in revenue and have furloughed or laid off 31% of their employees. Restaurants, bars, and others within the hospitality industry have experienced heavy losses during the pandemic.  

Additional economic relief is necessary to ensure that distilleries, restaurants, and bars weather this challenging time. 

Join Our Efforts

The Distilled Spirits Council Political Action Committee (DISPAC) has promoted the election of pro-business candidates across the United States since 1993. DISPAC exists to help fund the races of candidates and incumbents on both sides of the aisle who support distilled spirits producers and importers. Your voluntary contributions are critical to our role in the political process and have helped us establish our strong political backbone for decades.  The threat of taxation and additional regulatory burdens are always looming so please consider joining our efforts today!

How You Can Help

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