Join Initial Tranche of 105 Localities to Pass Sunday Alcohol Sales

WASHINGTON, DC – Twenty-four Georgia localities passed Sunday alcohol sales during Super Tuesday’s elections, according to the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS), which called the results further proof that attitudes toward distilled spirits have come a long way since Prohibition.

“This latest round of successful Sunday alcohol sales elections reflects modern consumer demographics,” said Jay Hibbard, Vice President of the Distilled Spirits Council, noting that in today’s economy Sunday is a day of major economic activity in Georgia.  “The trend likely will continue as voters and policymakers seek modern convenience and increased revenue, respectively,” he added.

According to DISCUS, at least 24 out of 27 localities voted on March 6th to pass Sunday alcohol sales referenda for an 89% success rate. This round of elections represented the second time Georgians have had the opportunity to cast their votes for Sunday sales, following a November 2011 election that saw 105 out of 127 communities vote in favor of Sunday alcohol sales. Notable Sunday sales victories on Tuesday included:  DeKalb County (78%-22%), Gwinnett County (68%-32%) and Augusta (58%-42%), among others.  More localities are already lining up for the third round of local option elections in July, including Athens and Columbus.