The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) and the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission (ASMWC) submitted a joint comment yesterday to the Treasury Department’s Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) in response to its notice of proposed rulemaking establishing a standard of identity for American Single Malt Whiskey.

The two organizations commended the Bureau for listening to industry calls for a standard of identity for American Single Malt Whiskey. They underscored the need for a clear definition that meets the global understanding of single malt whiskey, while also allowing room for American innovation to flourish, and urged the Bureau to move quickly to adopt the new regulations.

In the comment, DISCUS and the ASMWC stated that, “by securing a formal Standard of Identity for American Single Malt Whiskey, consumers will benefit from a clear definition of what constitutes a single malt whiskey produced in the U.S., resulting in global growth and the development of yet another sought after American whiskey product to compete in both domestic and international markets.”

“Establishing this definition will also place an important marker down around the industry that will inspire competition between all tiers of producers, as they seek to innovate and create the next great American Single Malt Whiskey brand,” the comment said.

Each organization also submitted separate comments, raising additional considerations for TTB.

To read the DISCUS comments, click here.

To read the ASMWC comment, click here.


DISCUS and ASMWC submitted official comments to TTB in June 2019 in support of establishing a standard of identity for American Single Malt Whiskey as part of the Bureau’s 2018 rulemaking to modernize the labeling and advertising regulations for distilled spirits, wine and malt beverages.

Following that submission, TTB placed a rulemaking regarding an American Single Malt Whiskey standard of identity on its semi-annual regulatory agenda in 2021.

DISCUS and ASMWC then sent a letter in April of this year urging the TTB to move forward with its proposed rulemaking to establish a standard of identity for American Single Malt Whiskey, and the TTB issued notice of proposed rulemaking to the category in July 2022.