The PGA TOUR announced last night to its players that it is expanding its policies regarding distilled spirits sponsorships, marking the latest major U.S. sports league to modernize its spirits sponsorship policies.

“This is welcome news for distilled spirits, as the PGA becomes the last major professional sports league to equalize the treatment of marketing and promotions with beer,” said Chris Swonger, President and CEO of the Distilled Spirits Council.

“The long putt just dropped. This is recognition of where consumers have moved in the marketplace over the last two decades.  Further, it is an acknowledgment of the spirits industry’s track record of responsible marketing and underscores the fact that alcohol is alcohol.”

Under the updated policy, broadcasters can air distilled spirits advertising and show in-program exposure during PGA TOUR network telecasts.  Additionally, players can now wear the names or logos of distilled spirits companies.

“One by one, major sports leagues have updated their policies to include spirits sponsorships and our marketing has been met with broad public acceptance,” said Swonger, noting that NASCAR modernized its policy to permit spirits sponsorships in 2004, NBA in 2009 and the NFL in 2017.  “These leagues realize that spirits companies are fully committed to responsibility, and that increasingly more and more of their adult fan base are spirits consumers.”