Safety & Risk Management

Safety and Risk Management Across the Spirits Industry

Safety and risk management is an important facet of the spirits industry and one where DISCUS has demonstrated leadership and expertise. The DISCUS Safety and Risk Management Committee, made up of industry experts from DISCUS member companies, is charged with evaluating and proactively engaging applicable regulatory agencies, insurance companies, and other standards making organizations to ensure that the fire protection and risk management standards and guidelines affecting the distilled spirits industry are appropriate. The Committee evaluates new technologies and develops and shares non-proprietary technical data, procedures, and other relevant information with DISCUS member companies consistent with the antitrust laws and with the fire protection and risk management community.

The Committee’s work includes the publication of fire protection resources that serve as a reference tool for those in the distilled spirits industry who are planning extensions to existing facilities or new installations of distilled spirits production plants, such as storage and warehouse facilities.

This Committee also seeks to address areas of risk management unique to the needs of the smaller scale distilling community. Resources specific to craft distillers are forthcoming.

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