Felicia Keith-Jones

Felicia Keith-Jones

Felicia Keith-Jones is the President and Founder of High Mark Distillery. Felicia was the first Female Distillery Owner in Alaskan History, in 2010. That same year, Felicia was named the Youngest Female in the U.S.A. to own and run 100% of her own distillery. 

She became the first Legal Moonshiner in Alaskan History in 2013, then went on to win Small Business of the Year, and Alumni Businesswoman of the Year for University of Alaska, Anchorage in 2016. She holds a double degree in Education and History. Both have served her well in the world of Craft Distilling. 

Felicia received a Legislative Citation (Highest Honor Awarded from the Speaker of the House in Alaska) for changing House Bill 309, to help distilleries create tourism by opening the first tasting rooms in Alaska. Her distillery became a cruise ship stop for inland tours. However, the beautiful wheat, corn, and fresh orchard fruits for High Mark Distillery’s spirits always came from Nevada, so Felicia and her team, traded in the hard days of barging all raw products up to Alaska on ships, and moved the entire distillery to Reno, Nevada. 

History repeated itself when Felicia became the first Female in Nevada, to own and run 100% of her own distillery. Felicia is also the First Female Master Distiller, and the First Female Barrel Master in Nevada history.      

She was awarded the Nevada Restaurant Association, 2022 Culinary Excellence Awards, for Outstanding Drink Specialist of the Year 2022 for her innovative and educational Spirit Making and Cocktail Making Classes, highlighting culturally diverse spirits from around the world.  

She was a Co-Founder of the Alaska Distiller’s Guild, and is the Founder, and current President, of the Nevada Distiller’s Guild.  

Although “first” seems to be Felicia’s favorite number, she comes about her pioneering spirit naturally. Before becoming a Master Distiller, she trained as a Bush Pilot in Alaska, and is the only female pilot in the world with hours on Airships, a Skunkworks program with Top Secret clearance.  

She truly enjoyed teaching Yupik Eskimo, and Athabaskan Indian children in the Alaskan Bush for years, and she was a member of the first gymnastics and stunt cheerleading squad in Alaskan history. 

Today, Felicia absolutely loves teaching this mysterious world of distilling, to other men and women, who share her passion in discovering the art and science hidden away in each American spirit and barrel.