Market Trends for Distilled Spirits in the United States

Zeroing in on Waste

Commitment to sustainability is growing in the cocktail craft. From big changes such as major cities banning plastic straws to smaller efforts like bartenders repurposing citrus peels or filling ice wells less often – all eyes are on waste volumes.

Classic Comeback Continues

Many bartenders are simplifying menus, reverting to 2-3 ingredient classic cocktails, using premium ingredients with a modern or localized twist.

Something for All

Cocktail menus are increasingly featuring low-ABV or non-alcoholic drinks options, allowing every consumer to enjoy the bar community experience.

Shaking Sugar

Consumers are more hyper-aware of sugar consumption and has translated into cocktails. Bartenders have responded with more savory, sour and umami flavor profiles in their drink menus.

Destination Distillery

More consumers are seeking out local or craft distilleries for staycations and weekend getaways. Distilleries are now designed with tourism in mind, encouraging visitors to bring back bottles and stories to their home bars.

Stream, Click & Sip

Technology-enabled consumers crowdsource opinions and tasting notes making unique & rare spirits more approachable before purchase.