DISCUS Foundation

Supporting initiatives that drive the spirits industry forward.

The DISCUS Foundation 501(c)(3) is the charitable arm of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. The Foundation is operated exclusively for charitable purposes and was created to increase awareness, provide education, and increase opportunities for the betterment of the distilled spirits industry.

DISCUS Foundation has five primary goals to support the spirits industry:

Scholarship Distribution

Provide education scholarships that help to support personal and business development within the industry, as well as, to support the growth of a diverse talent pipeline.


Increase awareness and adoption of industry sustainability best practices.


Increase opportunities and funding for diverse distilleries and promote diversity across all levels of employment throughout the industry.


Promote social responsibility and advertising guidelines best practices and educate consumers and businesses on responsible consumption.

Support Growth

General awareness, education, and research on key topics that will increase opportunities, support growth, and serve the distilled spirits industry.

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