Wine & Spirits Daily: Industry Coalition Issues Commitment for Responsible Sale of Crossover Bev Alc Products


Industry Coalition Issues Commitment for Responsible Sale of Crossover Bev Alc Products

A coalition of industry trade groups including the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS), Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), FMI – The Food Industry Association, and the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) issued a joint commitment today related to the responsible marketing and merchandising of crossover bev alc products that utilize non-alc brand licensing.

“Today’s commitment brings together all three tiers– suppliers, wholesalers and retailers– reinforcing our dedication to responsibly advertise, market and merchandize these products in a manner that avoids consumer confusion and ensures they are only marketed and sold to legal drinking age adults,” comments DISCUS chief Chris Swonger.

The commitment language largely follows crossover bev alc marketing guidelines issued by DISCUS in late 2022, geared toward preventing consumer confusion between cross-licensed bev alc products and their non-alcohol counterparts [see WSD 12-05-2022].

Supplier commitments include following existing industry responsible advertising codes; making sure products are distinct and distinguishable from non-alc counterparts; labeling that makes it clear that products contain alcohol; and packaging and advertising that primarily appeals to LDA adults.

Wholesaler and retailer commitments include keeping crossover brands in spaces dedicated to bev alc products, away from their non-alc counterparts; avoiding placement in locations that appeal to children in stores; providing additional labeling if the retail space makes it impractical to follow the previous merchandising guidelines; as well as training employees about responsible sales of bev alc products and/or implementing software to remind employees to check identification before selling crossover products.

Read the full commitment document here.


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