H. 4231 allows local option elections to authorize seven-day spirits sales and now heads to the full Senate for consideration

Today, the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee approved H. 4231 which would allow seven-day spirits sales through local option elections.

South Carolina is one of only six states in the country that prohibits the retail sale of distilled spirits on Sundays.

“As distillery owners, we simply want the same options available to brewers and vintners in the state,” said Scott Blackwell, president of the South Carolina Craft Distillers Guild (SCCDG). “While our distillery can open on Sundays, we can’t sell a bottle to our patrons, more than 90% of whom are from out of town. Turning customers away from buying our product not only harms sales but their overall experience, and we pride ourselves on drawing tourists into the state. We urge the legislature to pass this bill and allow local option elections for seven-day spirits sales.”

SCCDG and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) sent a joint letter to the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee last month as its subcommittee considered the measure.

“The ban on seven-day spirits sales in South Carolina puts local businesses at a disadvantage and unnecessarily limits convenience for consumers,” said Andy Deloney, senior vice president and head of state public policy for DISCUS. “Allowing local option elections for seven-day spirits sales restores freedom and choice to consumers while providing a much-needed boost for distilleries in the state. We thank the Senate Judiciary Committee for moving this bill forward and encourage the full Legislature to do the same.”

Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah are the only remaining states that prohibit Sunday sales.