DISCUS Academy Launches Industry Fundamentals Certificate Program for Professionals Entering the Spirits Industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) today announced a new DISCUS Academy curriculum, the Industry Fundamentals Certificate program, aimed at attracting new entrants into the spirits sector.

“This certificate program is designed to boost diversity and encourage  professionals at all levels to seek out spirits industry employment by providing the foundational knowledge needed to enter the spirits sector,” said DISCUS President and CEO Chris Swonger. “As we strive to create a more inclusive spirits industry, we are finding that many job descriptions for spirits companies include ‘industry experience required,’ which can pose as a barrier to hiring talent from outside the industry. This new certificate program aims to close that gap by providing a base level of industry knowledge in lieu of actual spirits experience.”

The Industry Fundamentals Certificate is designed for professionals of all levels who are new to the spirits industry and want an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the industry and its regulatory framework.

The certificate program is comprised of 15 DISCUS Academy courses including 12 core classes and three electives. The 12 core classes are:

  1. It All Goes Back to Prohibition: How the Modern Spirits Industry Was Born | DISCUS Academy
  2. Foundation on the Three-Tier System | DISCUS Academy
  3. Working with Control States | DISCUS Academy
  4. State Nuances | DISCUS Academy
  5. Risk Management | DISCUS Academy
  6. DISCUS Code Virtual Media Summit Series: DISCUS Code 101 | DISCUS Academy
  7. Sales & Marketing Legal Compliance Training | DISCUS Academy
  8. Brand Storytelling | DISCUS Academy
  9. Distilled Spirits Regulatory Overview: TTB Regulations Parts 5 and 19
  10. Trade Practice and Tied-House Considerations: What Do They Mean?
  11. Supply Chain Risk
  12. FDA Beverage Alcohol Jurisdiction

To register or learn more about the Industry Fundamentals Certificate program, click here.

DISCUS Academy was launched in 2021 to provide best-in-class training and education for distilled spirits industry professionals. Available to DISCUS members and non-members alike, DISCUS Academy offers curriculum and industry-recognized certifications related to the business of distilling, rather than training on production or spirits knowledge—a first of its kind.

In partnership with Cornell University and University of Kentucky, DISCUS Academy also offers leadership development programs to provide professionals of varying leadership experience education tailored to their career stage.