WASHINGTON, DC – The Distilled Spirits Council, representing over 135 distillers of all sizes, today applauded the Senate for passing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which will help the United States to further open markets for U.S. distilled spirits exports.
“There is a growing global demand for U.S. spirits,” said Distilled Spirits Council President and CEO Peter H. Cressy, noting that American spirits are exported to as many as 130 countries around the world. “Trade agreements have contributed directly to record U.S. spirits exports, which have more than doubled over the past decade.”
In 2014, global U.S. spirits exports reached an all-time high of over $1.5 billion, the eighth consecutive year that exports of American-made spirits exceeded the billion dollar mark.
However, the U.S. spirits industry continues to confront formidable trade barriers, including high tariffs and other non-tariff barriers, particularly in key emerging markets where the United States does not have free trade agreements in place.  Such barriers impede the ability of U.S. spirits exporters to gain a foothold in foreign markets.
“TPA is critical to securing comprehensive trade agreements that open markets for American spirits,” Cressy said.  “By continuing to expand the industry’s market access around the world, we can build upon the recent export growth, which is a victory for large and small distillers – and for the U.S. economy as a whole.”
The passage of TPA is important for large distillers to compete on a level playing field around the globe and it provides a special opportunity to small distillers to introduce their products to new markets.
“We are proud of our American-made spirits and know that adult consumers around the world are ready and willing to buy them.  All we need is better access to foreign markets – and TPA can help make that happen,” Cressy added.