Distilled Spirits Council Issues New Safety Guide on Pot Still Pressure Relief

-Free Guide Available to All Industry Members-

WASHINGTON — The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) today announced the release of its new Pressure and Vacuum Relief in Pot Still Distillation safety guide that is available free to all industry members.

This voluntary guide, prepared by the Process Safety Management Working Group of the DISCUS Safety & Risk Management Committee, is the first in an upcoming, broader Process Safety Management Series. These guidance documents explore different process safety topics and showcase best practices that distillers can implement to enhance their facility safety procedures.

Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes, as well as handling hazardous substances.  It involves applying good design principles, engineering, operating practices, and change management that addresses the prevention and control of incidents that have the potential to release hazardous materials or energy.

These guides are intended to prevent incidents that have the potential of causing toxic effects, fire, or explosion and that could ultimately result in serious injuries, property damage, lost production, and environmental impact.

The first guidance document in the Process Safety Management Series, Pressure and Vacuum Relief in Pot Still Distillation, is intended to inform distillery owners and operators about the importance of proper pressure and vacuum relief for pot stills.  It provides valuable background information on pressure and vacuum relief valve types, design and selection guidance, practical considerations, detailed diagrams, and worksheets to help facilitate safe practices at distilleries with pot stills.

“Developed by top distilled spirits safety experts who are passionate about creating awareness around this important issue, this guide will make this critical expertise available to the broader industry and help inform pot still pressure relief practices at distilleries around the country,” said DISCUS Chief Legal Officer Courtney Armour.

“We are very fortunate to have these experts among our membership and greatly appreciate their hard work on this critical project.”

A limited number of hard copy editions are also available; please order early if you would like a hard copy of the guide. For more information, email [email protected].