The Distilled Spirits Council, in conjunction with Americans for Free Trade, today sent a letter to Capitol Hill alongside nearly 150 business groups detailing the impact of retaliatory tariffs on American manufacturers, farmers and retailers.

“American whiskey is the only U.S. agricultural product subject to retaliatory tariffs by all of the retaliating trade partners,” said Distilled Spirits Council Senior Vice President for International Trade Christine LoCascio.

“The U.S. spirits industry, American farmers and our consumers worldwide have benefitted from trade agreements, which have opened markets around the world for U.S. exporters. We hope the new Congress will urge continued dialogue with our trading partners to secure the prompt removal of the retaliatory tariffs, so that free and fair trade for U.S. distilled spirits can be resumed.”

The Distilled Spirits Council will continue to work with Americans for Free Trade and its diverse coalition of employers in communities across the country to encourage resolution of ongoing trade disputes.  Americans for Free Trade is also working with Farmers for Free Trade on a grassroots nationwide campaign to illustrate the impacts of tariffs on American businesses, families, farmers and manufacturers.

Full text of the letter can be found below and downloaded here.