Campaign will raise awareness of key issues facing spirits industry

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) kicked off its annual conference in San Diego today with the launch of the Cocktail Party, a fictional political party with the goal of unifying adult consumers around key issues facing the distilled spirits industry.

“Whether you’re part of the Republican Party, Democratic Party or an Independent, everyone’s welcome at the Cocktail Party, and we hope you’ll join us,” said Chris Swonger, president and CEO of DISCUS and “The Cocktail Party is a great way for adult consumers to get involved in the legislative process while having a little spirited fun along the way. Together we can raise our glass and lift our voice in support of the spirits industry.”

Swonger stated that the Cocktail Party Platform includes:

  • Expanding responsible consumer access to distilled spirits
  • Increasing consumer convenience
  • Advocating for fairer taxes
  • Supporting hospitality businesses

As part of the Cocktail Party’s launch, the group announced the fictional party’s nominee, “Cher A. Spirit,” who made a special appearance at the conference to greet attendees and rally support.

“Adult consumers deserve the freedom to responsibly enjoy their favorite distilled spirits products when, where and how they want,” said Cher A. Spirit, Cocktail Party nominee. “Our platform, which focuses on increasing consumer convenience, is something all spirits enthusiasts can toast to.”

Conference attendees were able to join Cher A. Spirit for a photo opportunity in the branded “voting booth” where they registered to be members of the Cocktail Party by signing up for DISCUS’ grassroots platform, Spirits United.

“A key theme of our campaign is impressing upon ‘party’ members the important role in enjoying cocktails responsibly,” said Swonger.  “Our message for spirits consumers this election cycle and beyond is, ‘Vote Spiritedly. Drink Responsibly!’”

Those interested in joining the Cocktail Party can sign up at By registering for the Cocktail Party, participants will become part of the Spirits United community and be notified about important issues they can engage on in their state and at the federal level.

Spirits United is the leading grassroots advocacy platform for the spirits industry with more than 70,000 advocates. The platform provides advocates with an easy-to-use online form to directly contact legislators on issues facing the spirits industry, hospitality professionals and consumers. Spirits United is a growing platform with more than 25 partner members.