Governor Ned Lamont issued a new executive order last night expressly permitting mixed drinks for takeout and delivery, following a letter sent by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) citing confusion in the marketplace and requesting clarification on the matter.

“The opportunity for restaurants and bars to sell cocktails to-go is a valuable economic lifeline for businesses struggling to cope with the financial hardships brought about by COVID-19,” said Jay Hibbard, DISCUS vice president of state government relations. “We are grateful Governor Lamont clarified that the sale of mixed beverages to-go is permitted and thank him for his continued support of the hospitality industry.”

The new executive order states: “Executive Order Nos. 7G, 7T and 7MM, which address the sales of alcoholic beverages by certain liquor permittees, are modified to allow for the sale of closed or sealed containers of alcoholic beverages, including mixed drinks.”

Across the country, states are permitting cocktails to-go and other innovative measures to support struggling local restaurants and bars. Currently, 32 states plus the District of Columbia are allowing restaurants and/or bars to sell cocktails to-go, bottled spirits to-go or both. Eighteen states plus the District of Columbia are allowing restaurants and/or bars to deliver distilled spirits in some form. In addition, 12 states plus the District of Columbia are now permitting curbside pickup of distilled spirits from restaurants and/or bars.

Some states, including Texas and Florida, are considering making these policies permanent.