Bill heads to governor’s desk for signature

In the last hours of the 101st Legislative Session, the Illinois State Legislature passed SB54, which would allow third parties to deliver spirits and wine from package stores to adult consumers. The bill now heads to Governor J. B. Pritzker’s desk for signature.

“Innovative measures like home delivery of spirits have created convenience for consumers and a safe alternative way to purchase and enjoy their favorite spirits at home,” said Kristi Brown, Distilled Council Senior Director of State Government Relations. “As consumers social distance during the pandemic, home delivery provides a responsible option for adults to order distilled spirits. We urge Governor Pritzker to sign this bill to bring consumers additional convenience and choice.”


Currently, more than 30 states plus the District of Columbia are allowing restaurants and/or bars to sell cocktails to-go, bottled spirits to-go or both. Iowa and Ohio have both made cocktails to-go permanent, and other states, including Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and the District of Columbia, are considering doing the same.

The distilled spirits industry is committed to responsibility and encourages moderation for adults who choose to drink alcohol. Cocktails to-go are intended for home consumption. Laws governing alcohol consumption must always be observed.