The study’s assertion that movie portrayals of alcohol consumption are driving an increase in underage drinking is completely discredited by U.S. government surveys showing that underage and binge drinking rates are at historic lows.

It should be noted that the overwhelming instances of alcohol portrayals in movies are not generated by alcohol companies.  As pointed out by the Federal Trade Commission, the lead federal agency on advertising, alcohol product placements in all entertainment media, including movies, accounted for about one-tenth of one percent of total advertising expenditures.

Decades of scientific research do not show that alcohol advertising causes someone to begin drinking, including a recent study published in the International Journal of Advertising that concluded alcohol consumption remained flat, despite a 400 percent increase in alcohol advertising over 40 years.

The spirits industry does not condone any irresponsible use of our products, brand names and product images and the companies abide by a rigorous advertising and marketing Code, which includes numerous guidelines for branded product placements in entertainment media.